Toy Blast

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Toy Blast – a wonderful puzzling enigma

A splendid game for younger gamers who love to solve different puzzles while being astounded by beautiful graphics and a lovely soundtrack. The Toy Blast gameplay throws you right in the middle of Amy’s world where you will have to help Amy in her challenging tasks. It is one of the cutest logic games on mobile devices, full of riddles, puzzles, and very original-looking toys. Even the official Toy Blast trailer is something everyone should see. 

Toy Blast Game

Help Amy find all of her beautiful toys

Toy Blast gameplay is based on helping your new friend, Amy, who has her toys scattered all over the place. Your job is to find them all. However, it will not be so simple. The toys are hidden in various places and you have only a limited number of moves to do it. In the game, you will be matching two blocks of the same color to get to another level. Your talent for solving riddles will be very helpful here. So, warm-up your brain and prepare for a fabulous journey through the sea of funny-looking toys like Teddy bears, dolls, cars, rockets, and many more. During your Toy Blast gameplay, you will also be able to use various boosters that are going to help you with the task at hand. So be on the lookout for vacuum cleaners, drillers, buckets, paintbrushes, dynamites, etc. 

Amazing rewards for the most persistent players!

Now, click the Toy Blast download button, and let the party begin! Do the job right and you will be getting fantastic rewards, crazy bonuses, and all other entertaining features. You can even use your Facebook and play with your friends or other players. The game offers many levels, so you can be sure it will stick with you for a long time. You can also get free currency by using our indefectible Toy Blast hack